What We Do

MCID specializes in design from Sign Branding and Logo’s to sign and Structure Design.  We provides complete designs ready for permit and fabrication.  Today like never before, industries are working together with other design teams to achieve what was once all done turnkey in a fabrication facility.

We are the design team that provides the sign Fabricators, Developers and Architecture firms the partnership they need.  At MCID we know how to design to build, that is why we are paramount in the industry providing complete documents from conceptual renderings and precise construction documents to the finest of detail and planning.

We work with municipalities to assist on gateway improvements inviting the public, traffic control through wayfinding and design guidelines to keep the design integrity for many years to come. We team with Architects to join structure and sign together for the overall look, and Artists to make an idea take shape for that unique sculpture to adore a park or Convention Center.  In the end we provide complete designs ready for permit and fabrication.

We Provide

  • Gateway Design
  • Commercial Sign Design
  • Museum Sign Design
  • Pylon Sign Design
  • LED Display Designs
  • Conceptual Design
  • University and Corporate Campus Sign Design
  • Theater Marquees (New and Revitalized)
  • Wayfinding and Directional Design
  • Code Compliance Sign Design
  • Retail Roll Out
  • Transit Villages
  • Master Sign Programs
  • Tenant Criteria Programs
  • Construction Documents
  • Permit Ready Documents

Want to know more?

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